10 best products for newborns

pappas21For many first time parents (and sometimes second timers), the many baby products on the market can be quite overwhelming!  I had my second child two and a half years after my first, and there were lots of new products out in those two short years!  We wanted to share some of our must-have products below for your newborn, in no particular order. 🙂

1.  Video Monitor51L9FL-qiAL._SL1500_source

A video monitor was something that we had on the list with our first baby, but decided not to get after we didn’t receive it at my baby shower.  Luckily my husband’s coworkers surprised him with a huge shower at work right before Smith was born and they gave him this monitor among many other thoughtful presents.  A couple of months before our second baby was born, the receiver stopped working so we got the Motorola monitor with two cameras.  We read lots of reviews the second time around and it seems the Summer and Motorola all scored high, but did stop working on occasion like our first (I will say it endured many drops on the hardwood floors as well).

It’s so helpful and such fun to be able to peek in on your baby without disrupting their sleep by opening the door and tiptoeing over their crib.  We love it for Smith too because we can see if she’s out of bed and can talk to her remotely through the camera.  Definitely a must-have for any new parents!

2.  Moby WrapWRAPright-back_noSChecksource

There are so many benefits of baby wearing, and I absolutely loved wearing my newborns!  The Moby Wrap was my favorite for this because you could shape it how you like and it really cuddles your baby like a blanket.  It is a lot of fabric (like 12 feet long!) and seems very intimidating at first, but there are many instructional videos online that will get you wrapping like a pro!  There is even a local baby wearing group, Magic City Slingers, where you can receive baby wearing instruction and try out all the wraps and carriers available.

3.  Baby Swing81X+j5qXhIL._SL1500_source

Yes, this swing is HUGE and will take up a lot of space in your home, but it is truly a lifesaver for those babies who don’t nap well.  My first baby took all her naps in it for the first six months of life.  The swing will rotate so they will can swing in any direction, several speed options, and music and white noise are all built in!

4.  Aden + Anais swaddle blankets2037_1-classic-4-pack-swaddle-up-up-and-away-2source

These are the softest, sweetest little blankets for newborns with many simple and adorable patterns.  Made from 100% organic cotton muslin, these have had an overwhelming response from new parents.  They have recently expanded their line to bibs and burp cloths, sleep sacks, sheets, and more.  These make an excellent shower gift for a new mom!

5.  Nose Frida1318873726sampleslideshow2source

This is a disgusting little tool that came out in the past few years to replace the good ol’ bulb nose sucker.  There is a filter that prevents any boogies/snot to enter into the tube where the parent is inhaling, and it gives your baby quick relief like never before.  They also have a product called the Windi for which I’m not quite on board yet… 🙂

6.  Nipple Butter


This was introduced to me by my assistant, Amanda, and is one of the most soothing, relieving products out there for nursing moms!  They used to have it locally at Buy Buy Baby, but I was not able to find it there last time I looked.  Check it out on Amazon at the link above!

7.  Timi & Leslie Diaper BagDSC_3957vintage-tintsource

I’ve owned two Timi and Leslie diaper bags and couldn’t be more pleased!  They are so stylish and functional for children’s items, bottles, and mom’s personal items.  I get lots of compliments from people who don’t realize it’s a diaper bag.  Most major baby stores carry these (20% off with BuyBuyBaby coupon!) as well as local boutiques.

8.  Under the Nile baby clothes2014s_box_asource

I received several Under the Nile outfits for my second baby, and I adore these sweet clothes!  They are so soft and classic looking…perfect for everyday wear.  They carry this brand at Swaddle in Homewood and I love swinging by to pick one up for baby gifts!

9.  Rock & PlaypTRU1-16504040dt


I loved using this Rock and Play as a bassinet by my bed when Roland was little.  Our bedroom is not huge, so I didn’t want to get a large bassinet to just use for a few weeks.  This folds for storage and can be used for baby to play in for months after he’s outgrown the bassinet.

10.  Sound Machine71vwyzfrWAL._SL1500_


White noise is very soothing to baby’s and lulls them right to sleep!  This is a great machine because it also includes a ceiling projector for baby to see once they get a little bigger.

Did we miss anything??  What are some of your favorite newborn products?  Comment below!