Beacon People

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.  John 8:36

I loved shooting this new line of #befree shirts for Beacon People…these are comfy and so cute and trendy!  And we really had as much fun as it looks!

I started attending Beacon People last year on a whim and never looked back!  What started as a great support group for women in small business, by founder Anna Nash, has turned into so much more!  Beacon People’s purpose:

We seek to encourage and gather people who believe that the greatest purpose on earth for us is to live out our unique God-given calling day by day.

What are you doing to live a life of purpose?  Whether this is in your business, your job, in your home, or with your family.  And TODAY is the launch of Anna’s brand new Pathfinder workbook, which can help you discover how to live your life for the kingdom.

Beacon People group starts back this month!  Contact Anna to get on the mailing list for meeting info. 🙂

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