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  • Lindsey Culver is a photographer based in Birmingham, AL, specializing in newborn, children, and family photography. She has has over six professional years of experience and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and quality, timeless portraits you can treasure for years to come. We love our clients like family and can’t wait to work with yours.

Peri Birth

I had so much fun photographing Peri’s birth – or shortly after since it was a csection.  It was about two years and a couple weeks from when their son was born, and the day was just as exciting!  I love catching up with their family and capturing them finding out they are adding a little girl to the family.  Congratulations to everyone, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!2015-08-12_0002PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0003PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0004PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0005PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0006PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0007PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0008PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0009PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0010PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0011PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0012PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0015PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0013PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0016PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0014PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0017PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0019PINIMAGE2015-08-12_0018PINIMAGE