Peri Birth

I had so much fun photographing Peri’s birth – or shortly after since it was a csection.  It was about two years and a couple weeks from when their son was born, and the day was just as exciting!  I love catching up with their family and capturing them finding out they are adding a little girl to the family.  Congratulations to everyone, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!2015-08-12_00022015-08-12_00032015-08-12_00042015-08-12_00052015-08-12_00062015-08-12_00072015-08-12_00082015-08-12_00092015-08-12_00102015-08-12_00112015-08-12_00122015-08-12_00152015-08-12_00132015-08-12_00162015-08-12_00142015-08-12_00172015-08-12_00192015-08-12_0018